Fish On! by Logan

This is a post on all of the fish we have caught in deep ocean on fishing lines off of our sailboat.  We troll for fish at 5 knots or more.  The first fish we caught was a tuna.  We caught the tuna in rough seas and he was a strong fighter.  He was 2′ 7″.  He was called a little tunny but he wasn’t little.

little tuny

Little Tunny

The second fish we caught was a mahi mahi.  We were just sailing and one jumped beside us and a few seconds later our lines had a hit.  One got away but we got the other one.  He was about 3 feet.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

People in the Bahamas have always been saying that we are sure to catch a barracuda and sure enough, we caught one.  He was 1 1/2 feet long.  You can only catch them in shallow water.



For the last fish we tried using ballyhoo for bait.

Ballyhoo we used as bait.

Ballyhoo we used as bait.

When you use them, you put a little skirt over their nose so we tried it and we had no luck at all so we pulled up the line.  Then we got in shallow water and mom put out the line because she wanted to catch a barracuda.  When we put out the line, the rod bent so we slowed down the boat and pulled in the line.  It was a cero mackerel.  He was 2 1/2 feet.

cero mackerel

cero mackerel

Logan with cero he reeled in.

Logan with cero he reeled in.


4 thoughts on “Fish On! by Logan

  1. What fun – I love ocean fishing. And they taste so good on the grill, or Sushi style. Did you eat the barracuda? We were told sometimes they are dangerous to eat, depending on what they have been eating… Also a couple of times we had a Mahi Mani on the line, and by the time we had reeled it in, something else would have eaten 1/2 of it (Barracuda?).

    • We don’t eat the barracuda because they can have ciguatera poisoning in them. If something ate half of your mahi, it’s definitely a shark. Logan

    • Phil, We ate the tuna and we definitely ate the mahi mahi. They are my favorite fish to eat but we did not eat the barracuda because they contain ciguatera poisoning. We ate the cero mackerel. He was almost as good as the mahi mahi. Logan

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