Sailing, navigating, boat schooling, and cruising with a family of four aboard a 37 foot sailboat, it’s bound to be an adventuresome year!

We will be leaving Boise, Idaho around September 1, 2012 and driving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where our boat waits for us in its slip.  We will be camping and home schooling along the way.

It has been a hectic nine months planning for the trip.  All of my knowledge gained over the years from other adventures, jobs, starting and running my own business has provided me invaluable experience which I have used in planning this trip.  It has been a challenge to be sure and I love a challenge.

I look forward to sharing the trip with you and hope you share your goals and plans with me!

17 thoughts on “Christine

    • My land horse is being replaced by a sea horse for the year! Thanks for all the great trail rides we have shared this last year Paula. The rides reenergize me and help to clear the mind. Not to mention that I love being able to spend time with you, Annabelle and all of our four legged friends!

    • Teresa,

      I am so glad our paths crossed in life and Loretta has a fantastic home. I look forward to hearing about your adventures with her. Best to Bob and the rest of the clan!

  1. Oh Fiechter family. What an amazing adventure. You should be off today. Launching, in many aspects and no pun really intended, such an amazing journey for the family. It is inspiring. I find myself, silly although be it, teary eyed. I am so excited for you all. I can only imagine the stories that will come of this. Trevor, Kaila, and myself think so highly of your family. It has been such a previlege to spend time with you all. The kids would love to stay in touch. Trevor wanted to stop by yesterday, but I thought you were all ready gone. So, best wishes and warm regards.

    Mederios family

  2. We enjoyed reading about all the repairs you are making on the boat. We are tearing things out in our new house, but at least we don’t have to worry about it sinking if we mess up!

      • Katie, These are the kind of things I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. 1:30am is generally the time I wake up and check of the bilges and think of all the other things that could go wrong! Send me pictures of what you are doing on the house. Are you painting any more rooms without me? There is no painting to be done on our boat, only washing, waxing and woodwork cleaning. It is amazing how much of that there is to do on a 37′ boat!

    • Yes, it sure does. We just don’t get a lot of time to respond. Only having connection when we get to certain towns is tough. You are so supportive and encouraging!


  3. Hi! I am Tawny’s mom and they are leaving tonight to meet up with you. Wanted to follow along.
    I was born and raised lakeside, so have water running through my veins. My hubby and I live in Sacramento area and can’t wait to have them come home for Christmas. Don’t see enough of them, but sooooo happy they are finally traveling and having fun. It’s been a grueling past 5 years for them. Hope everything goes well and you have lots of fun with Tawny and Bill.
    Jeanne Chapman

    • Jeanne, We were so excited to have Tawny and Bill meet us in George Town. We have had them on our sailboat during the day the last 3 days, taking them snorkeling, spear fishing, beach combing, seeing the turtles and dolphins, etc. Today the winds are picking up so we are holed up in our favorite anchorage and they are doing a variety of things on the island. Lobster dinner on the boat yesterday with the guys fresh catch. It has been wonderful. Thanks for following along and I am glad to hear from you! Christine

  4. Christine, in the UK, looking for the trousers – do you still want them? – colour preferences?
    Glad you guys are having fun, keep it up!

    • Teresa,

      You can email us at our old email address. We get access to internet once in a while. We will be in Black Point for a couple days but a front is blowing in so we may not get to shore for a couple days. Can’t wait to here about Loretta! Christine

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