Hi, my name is Cole and I’m 9 years old.  In 10 days (September 1, 2012) I’m leaving to go to Florida, then the Bahamas.  I want to see nurse sharks and manatees snorkeling.  I’m looking forward to collecting things from the bottom of the sea.  Thank you for visiting my page.

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  1. Cole, I am missing you in my class this year, but I know you are learning so much! It is really cool that your family has made this adventure come true. Please know I am thinking of you and can’t wait to hear all the news. Mrs. Tacke

  2. Cole, I am so excited for your journey! I can’t even imagine how much you are going to learn and how many incredible experiences you are going to have…such a wonderful adventure. Thanks for the blog so we can follow along with you.

    • Ms. Brock, Thanks for following me on the blog. We went to a museum in Idaho Falls on the way out of Idaho and saw the King Tut exhibit. I learned a lot. We also did a three day rafting trip with our friends near Idaho Falls. Unfortunately, it was calm water.. I am in Wyoming right now. Cole

  3. Ahoy, Crewman Cole!

    Across America, school kids are hoisting their backpacks and heaving to the bus-stop. As you set sail for treasure and adventure; they will be anchored to their desks. Good luck and good fortune to you, mate!
    -David & Linda

  4. Hello Cole: I am looking forward to reading about your adventures and all of the great birds, and animals you will encounter on the sea. Jim and I were sitting on the deck having dinner last evening and the bats were out swooping around catching their dinner as well. We remembered our evening when you and your family were visiting us and the bats did not make an appearance and said too bad Cole and Logan were not here to see this now. No worries you will see many wonderful things on your trip.

    Happy Travels
    Mary & Jim Ross

    • Mary & Jim, We have seen some cool things already like Armadillos, parrots, 4 foot long iguanas, geckos and gopher turtles. I can show you some pictures of the iguanas which I will email you. …Cole

    • I miss folding origami with you too. We went to 5 museums already. On the river rafting trip, I found an artifact but I did not know it and threw it in the river. But at least I found an arrowhead hiking. Cole

    • Yes, I like Florida. It is a cool place. I kind of like living on my boat. It is really hot, but we do have air conditioning on the boat which helps with the heat. There are wild parrots flying all over. There are 4 foot long iguanas everywhere on the docks also. I will send pictures of them to you attached to an email. …Cole

  5. Four foot long iguanas? Give me a picture!
    I am playing flag football, and we have won two games and tied the other one. I wish you could come watch us.

  6. How are you doing? My grandparents from Michigan are visiting for a week. I’m still playing piano and soccer. How do you like living on the boat. Do you sleep well with all the loud waves crashing into shore. I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

    • I’m doing good. I like living on a boat except it’s kind of boring and hot. It’s hard to sleep because of the heat and I’m in a canal so there is no waves. Cole

  7. What have you been up to lately? I haven’t been up to much besides the fact we’ll probaly be going to the body’s revealed thing at the Discovery center. When do think you guys will be going out to sea anyway?
    From, Cole

    • We went to the Everglades and went on an airboat ride. I also held a baby alligator. We also saw manatees, a needle fish, a spoonbill and lots of alligators. We’ll be going out to sea in the beginning of December. How was the Discovery Center? Cole…

  8. HI Cole! Today Charlie is really missing you in our class! I told him we would look at your family blog and the pictures and videos that are posted. I also gave him permission to write you an e-mail while we are having read aloud this afternoon. So, watch for an e-mail from Charlie!
    I am glad your family is doing well. I was worried when Sandy was happening!

  9. Dear Cole,

    I wish you were still here at Maple Grove Elementary,in Mr. Luthy`s class with me. We made volcanoes out of salt dough. We started to erupt them on Friday,and we are going to finish erupting them on Monday. Where are you in your sailing mission to the Bahamas,or back from the Bahamas? How many treasures have you collected from the bottom of the ocean? Ryan Findly and I miss you very much. Can`t wait for you to send a letter back.


    • Lindsey,

      Right now we are in a slip waiting for the hurricane season to be over before we can go to the Bahamas. I haven’t got anything from the ocean yet except for some coral, sea shells and 2 live puffer fish. We have done short sailing trips around Fort Lauderdale and will be going to Biscayne Bay near Miami tomorrow. I hope you were able to finish erupting your volcanos. Say hi to Ryan for me.


      • Dear Cole,
        we acme back from Disneyland a week ago. I did some new rides I had never done before! Rides like California Screamin, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Silly Symphoney Swings, and The Golden Zepher! In California Adventure they now have Cars Land with 3 brand new rides,there is Radiater Springs Racers ,Mater`s Junckyard Jamboree,and Luwijie`s Flying Tires.I was wondering if you would like to have Ryan`s e~mail adress so then you two could write back and forth to each other,if so tell me and I will give you Ryan`s e~mail adress in the next letter or note that I send.Ryan and I miss you soooooooooooooo very,very,very much.

        your freind, LINDSEY

  10. Hi Cole,

    Lindsey would really like to keep up with you and your adventures. Please let us know if you get this.

    Lindsey and Mrs. Ash

  11. Hi Cole, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you have alot of really good friends back home that are following along with your adventure. Keep writing and enjoy the ride! Julie s/v Sea Otter, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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  13. We tried tying a monkey’s fist today and we were having some trouble. Would you consider adding written directions? I don’t know anybody that can tie a monkey’s fist other than you!
    Owen and Katie

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