Shark Suckers by Cole

A couple of days ago we caught a shark sucker.  On top of their head, they have an oval-shaped sucker that they use to suck on to the bottoms of boats, fish and sharks.  After it got hooked on our lure, it sucked on to the bottom of the boat.  When it let go, we reeled it up and put it in a bucket full of water.  We looked at it and saw that its sucker was blue because that’s the paint color on the bottom of our boat.  If you slide the shark sucker forward when it is sucked on it will come off.  If you try to slide it backwards, it just sucks on more and does not move.

Some people use remoras to catch turtles.   They tie a rope to the remora’s tail and when they see a turtle, the fish is released from the boat with the cord still on the tail.  Usually the shark sucker heads toward the turtle and sucks on to it.  Then the people on the boat pull in the line, which brings in the remora and the turtle.

The sucker is pretty much like a cheese grater.  It feels smooth when you rub it one-way and raspy when you rub it the other way.

Shark Suckers are a remora.  In Latin, remora means delay.

Shark sucker disk.

Shark sucker disk.

shark sucker 2


The bottom of our bucket is a piece of plexiglass so you can see through it.  This picture was taken looking up at the bottom of the bucket so you can see their sucker.


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