You Know You Are a Cruiser When… by Christine

You know you are a cruiser when you not only don’t know what day it is, but you don’t know what month it is!

Yes, this happened to us this week.  Our friends on Moonshadow were talking about how they need to make it back to Charleston by June 3rd and wanted to cross to the states soon.  Later I got to think how our boat insurance is due in June and mentioned to Mark that we needed to check on the policy coverage dates.  He asked what day it was and I said the 25th.  Mark asked, “Did we miss my birthday?”  Then he said, “It was yesterday.”  My mind went blank and I said, “I guess we did.”  My mind was thinking about May and it jumped ahead a month without remembering that morning I wrote 4/25/13 when I posted the weather in our log book for the day.

A while later we were talking on the VHF with a couple of boat friends planning the day.  I mentioned that Mark’s birthday was yesterday and we should get together on Truansea.  One thing led to another and soon we had a party planned for that evening.

A few hours later, I was talking with Bill about weather and crossing the Gulf Stream.  I mentioned that Moonshadow wanted to cross soon to make it back by June 3rd.  Bill said, “Well, they still have 5 weeks to get there.”  My mind went blank for the second time that day.  All of a sudden I realized what happened and that it was only April 25th.  We all had a good laugh over the time-lapse then cheered because we have another whole month to spend in the Abacos before we need to cross to the states.

We all decided to have the party that night anyway and called it the ‘un-birthday’ party for everyone.  We had a wonderful feast on Truansea with one of Lola’s (bakery on Man-O-War) monster cinnamon rolls served as the birthday cake. I even had trick candles on the boat.  We sang happy un-birthday to everyone.

The un-birthday birthday 'cake'.

The un-birthday birthday ‘cake’.

Fair Winds ~ Christine

3 thoughts on “You Know You Are a Cruiser When… by Christine

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Mark! We will toast you with a cocktail this evening-because on land we wait until after 5 to start drinking 😉 Missing Bahama cocktail hour!
    David & Valerie

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