Fossilized Shark Teeth by Cole

There are many kinds of fossilized shark teeth.

Sand tiger shark teeth.

Sand tiger shark teeth.


Mako shark teeth.

bull shark

Bull shark teeth.

A couple of days ago we went to Cumberland Island and that’s where we found fossilized shark teeth which are black.  Fossilized shark teeth turn black because of the minerals they have in them.

There’s so many teeth at Cumberland Island, I found 53 teeth in all.shark teeth cole

We used sifters to find them.sifters

The first day was really hot so we came back later with umbrellas and more water.umbrella

Some sharks can lose up to 35,000 teeth in a lifetime!  The most common kind of shark teeth people find are from the Cenozoic which was about 65 million years ago.  The largest shark teeth of any kind is from the Megalodon shark.

This is a megalodon compared to a T-Rex.

This is a Megalodon compared to a T-Rex.

Their teeth can get up to 7 inches tall or more, but we didn’t find any of these.  This picture is from the internet.

megladon toothCumberland Island was a lot of fun but digging for sharks teeth was the best part.



1 thought on “Fossilized Shark Teeth by Cole

  1. Very cool cole! You could make necklaces out of those teeth and make some money if you wanted. I know kameron would buy one.

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