Fishing on the Intracoastal by Logan

Fishing in the intracoastal waterway is much different from fishing in the Bahamas.  Here is a list of fish you can catch in the ICW:  sharks, rays, tarpon, flounder and sea-trout.  But we’ve only caught some of these fish.  The first one we caught was the gossip tail catfish.  It was very easy to catch so I tried to catch something harder like a shark.  The first shark we caught was an Atlantic sharp nose shark.  We caught it at night but it was only 1 foot long so I wanted something bigger.shark1A while later we caught a 4 1/2 foot black tip shark.  When we were bringing him up on our boat, he bit the leader off and got away. best

After that we started to try to catch a ray.  We set out the rod and after a while we had a ray on.  It was the hardest to reel in.  When we brought it up, it was a butter fly ray.  Here are some pictures.ray


For bait we used mullet and now we catch our own bait that we catch in a casting net.shark bait


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