The Diving Dog by Christine

There are some incredible pets on board cruising boats.   When we were in Hope Town, Abacos, we met a cruiser with a very remarkable dog.

A picture is worth a thousand words…  The following clip is 1 minute long but worth watching.  At the very end of the video, Sasha, dives down 8 feet and brings up a conch shell.  Sasha’s owner told us she has dove down as far a 15 feet to bring up a shell.

Fair Winds ~ Christine

2 thoughts on “The Diving Dog by Christine

    • Thanks for your kind comments Phil.

      The lady I sold Loretta to loves her but wanted to sell her (long story). Anyway, my friend, Valerie had seriously considered buying her when I was selling her but she had just been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is now in remission and she was so excited Loretta became available. Loretta is now at her new home where I will be able to see her often. Valerie used to go riding with me quite a bit on her dad’s horse which is a bit of a flake.

      Anyway, perfect fit for both of them and she has Eric set up to put shoes on her this week.


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