Reef Rover by Cole

The reef rover is a miniature submarine that I made in the Bahamas.  It is made of a small plastic bottle with a cap, flexible tubing, small rocks, waterproof tape, and caulking or modeling clay.  You need a drill and water to test it in.

Cole with Reef Ranger he made.

Cole with Reef Rover he made.


  1. Put enough rocks in the bottle to make it sink.
  2. Drill 2 holes in the cap for tubing.
  3. Cut a piece of tubing about twice the height of the bottle.  Push it through one of the holes until it reaches the bottom of the bottle.  Take the top half of the tubing, bend it down and tape it to the side of the bottle.
  4. Take about 4-5 feet of tubing and push it down the other hole about an inch.

Put your submarine in water.  To make it sink, suck air through the tubing.  To make it rise, blow into the tubing.

The same place where I tested my submersible was also the location of the Perry Institute for Marine Science on Lee Stocking Island.  The labs are abandoned but we can still explore the site.  We found the Reef Ranger on a runway at Perry Labs.

Cole with the Reef Ranger he made on the real Reef Rover.

This is a real submarine called the Reef Ranger that we saw at Lee Stocking Island.

This is the Reef Ranger when it was working.

This is the Reef Ranger when it was working.

This is

Perry Institute provided the underwater car for the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me.


4 thoughts on “Reef Rover by Cole

  1. Logan and Cole,
    Yet again an amazing adventure to hear. It is so wonderful to hear from you two boys. I hope that one day you publish your adventures into a book. Trevor and Kaila do love the postings. We look forward to each and everyone. Keep up the amazing studies and reports. Your writing is full impressive facts, interesting details, and cool topics. We can’t wait to hear more about the characters you encounter and the settings you explore.

    PS: you will never guess what we got for the classroom.
    Their names are Daisy and Yaeger. They are two guinea pigs…..

    Mrs. Mederios, Trevor and Kaila

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