Sharks by Logan

There are three major types of sharks.  The carpet sharks, pointed nose sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

Pointed nose shark

Pointed nose shark

There are two types of carpets: nurse sharks and whale sharks.  Nurse sharks are 5-9 feet long but whale sharks are 20-45 feet.

Whale shark

Whale shark

They both have the same types of heads.  Nurse sharks feed on the small fish and coruscations.  Whale sharks feed on plankton by opening their huge mouths and swimming.  That filters it all in their mouths. Both of these sharks are very gentle.

Pointed Nose Sharks are mostly dangerous and are to be left alone.  These sharks feed on all kinds of fish, big and small.  Some even feed on turtles.  These sharks can be identified by markings like lemon shark is yellow.  Tiger sharks are striped and black tip sharks have black tips on the end of their fins.  Finally the hammer-head sharks.  There are three different kinds of hammer heads, the Great Hammerhead, the Scalloped Hammerhead and the Bonehead.

Nurse Shark

Nurse Shark

Now for all sharks.  All sharks come to the smell of blood.  This is how they smell.  They smell under their mouth.  There are black dots.  Those black dots since the blood and also another cool thing is that some sharks have belly buttons.


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