Living on a Boat: posted by Logan

There is a lot of different things to living on a boat.  When you want to turn on a light at home, you just flick on the light switch, but on a boat you go to a big control panel that turns on everything on whatever area you want on the boat.  For example you turn on cabin lights at the control panel then you can go and turn on the lights.  You also can’t leave them on for long because we have a very limited amount of power in our batteries.

This is the control panel where you turn on areas of the boat you need power to.

Another thing we have to conserve on is cooking because we only have a small gas tank so we can’t run the stove for a long period of time.  As you can see, we only have 3 cupboards so we have to pack all our food in very tightly.  We store food in other compartments that are not meant for food.  We also do not have an oven on our boat so we have something called an Omni Pot.  It acts just like an oven but you put it on the stove top or grill top because we have a grill on the back of our boat.  Our refrigerator is not exactly how it would look at home.  It’s more like a cooler sitting inside a counter top.

Kitchen on Truansea.


The Omni Pot that takes the place of a stove. We can cook breads, cakes, casseroles, etc. in it.

We also have limited water.  Our tank is only 70 gallons.  To use water, we go to our control panel and turn our water pressure on and then we go to the sink and turn the water on.  A water pump from the tank pumps the water to the sink.  When we brush our teeth, we only turn the water on for 3 seconds or less.

We have 2 air conditioners on our boat.  It is rare to have 2 on a boat and in other parts of the country it is rare to have any.  We can only use them when we are hooked up to shore power.  We are hooked up to shore power by a big, thick cord that runs from a plug in on our boat to a special plug in on the dock.  Also on our control panel we have a DC side and an AC side.  We can only run AC when we are hooked up to shore power but we can run DC when we are not but we can’t use much because of our limited battery power supply.

If you want to know anything else about living on a boat, let me know.


4 thoughts on “Living on a Boat: posted by Logan

  1. Your boat is much like our new r v. We have a little more room but we need an omni pot. You saw the camper we used to horse camp but we now have a little r v. It to has a little head kitchen and only sleeps 2 and a dog. I will write more on my c

  2. I left you a note yesterday Logan, but I wrote it from my iPhone while waiting for my wife and I input much better on my iMac. I learned about Omni Pots and I think we need one. Don’t you? Your blogs don’t say if you’ve sailed yet, just that you visited neat Florida places and are getting your boat ready to sail. Are you still in Miami?

    I really enjoyed comparing your boat to the truck camper we used to use at horseback riding camps and our new RV. The RV is much easier for my wife to climb into than the camper was (and easier for me too.) We too have a little head, a kitchen with a two burner stove, our refrigerator/freezer is more like the ones in a house, but smaller than at home. We only have one cabin so we only have one bed for both of us to sleep on. The dog sleeps on the floor.

    Tell your Mom we had a great time at the club horse play day. I only entered the games and 1/4 horses like Loretta are better at things like pole bending, key hole my horse but we still got fifth place in both. On the extreme trail challenge, I got sixth but from a bigger tougher field, so I felt pretty good. It still is set up to be more for stock horses but we did well. It does have some stuff that my horse, Timer, is better at.

    Tell your Dad Hi too.


  3. Me again Logan. Where did you get your Omni Pot? I just searched google for Omni Pot. I won’t tell you all the things I found that have to do with Omni and POT. None of them seemed good for cooking cakes or bread. Does it have another name? Is there a manufacturer?

    I hope to hear about some trips for you and Cole soon.


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