Everglades Trip: posted by Cole


The Everglades is a vast area of swamps and marshes.  There are a lot of hammocks.  Hammocks are a group of trees that are home to many animals.  There are 3 kinds of mangroves.  A white, a black and a red.  We saw all 3 of them.  We also went on an air boat ride.  They are powered by fans and go pretty fast.

Plume hunters used to come to the Everglades to shoot birds for their feathers to put on lady’s hats.  They do not do it any more.

More than 30 different species of birds have been recorded here.  There are bald eagles, osprey, Roseate Spoonbills, brown pelicans, egrets, herons and many other species.

The Everglades are from Lake Okeechobee to the southern tip of Florida.  Florida gets lots of hurricanes that will destroy some of the Everglades.

We went to an alligator farm.  That is where we took the air boat ride.  We got to hold baby alligators.  Luckily their mouth was taped shut.  Its belly felt like a snake.

Cole holding a baby alligator.

Alligators in the Everglades.


6 thoughts on “Everglades Trip: posted by Cole

  1. Cool stories Cole! We had a great Play Day on Horseback. I got two fifth places and one sixth, but I more proud of the sixth as there were more competitors and it was closer to my horse, Timer’s, regular job. Most of games are better for 1/4 horses than for Walkers. Hi to your Mom and Dad. Keep writing good stories for us.

  2. Hi Cole,
    We are having so much fun. Trevor started y ball. I started hip-hop. Trevor has a basketball game on Saturday. Trevor’s team won two basketball games in a row. On Trevor’s first basketball game the score was 32 to one.

    From Trevor’s sister kaila

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