Socks & Shoes by Christine

What are these things called socks and shoes?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to put on socks and tennis shoes after a year of going barefoot and wearing sandals?  It.  Feels.  Strange.

I had not given thought to socks and shoes for quite some time until last week when our friends, Rod and Lisa, from Idaho came to visit us on the boat.  Rod slipped off his tennis shoes at the dock before getting on the boat to reveal his feet clad in crisp, white ankle socks.  It was such a strange sight.  I looked at his feet and blurted out, “Socks.  Wow, I haven’t seen socks in a long, long time”.   I probably have not seen an article of clothing that white in a long time either.  Whites never get washed separately on our boat or anybody else’s boat that I know.

It occurred to me then that the only people we have been around for the last year are cruisers who are solely in sandals or barefoot.  I then noticed that Lisa and her friend’s feet were clad in sandals but their feet were manicured.  That was also a revelation.  I don’t think I saw any polished toenails cruising either.  No doubt, the salt water would be hard on toenail polish and it is probably just too much of a bother to try and keep your feet looking good.

We had the time this morning, and felt the need, to get off the docks and go for a walk.  There are no sandy beaches or hiking trails where we are, but there are beautiful, woodsy, country roads to walk down.  Socks and tennis shoes seemed the appropriate footwear for the expedition, so we all dug around in the boat to produce the needed footwear.  After some period of time, we all found our shoes, and socks that matched close enough.  Logan made the mistake of putting his socks on inside the boat and almost fell down on the wood salon sole.  Lesson #1, do not wear socks in a boat.  Then getting off the boat he slipped on the side deck.  Lesson #2, do not wear socks on the deck of a boat either.

After what seemed like another long period of time, we managed to get on our socks and lace up our shoes.  We stood on wobbly legs on the dock.  How very strange it felt.  Here are a few of the comments heard:

These feel so tight…  I’m being constricted…  My feet are hot…  I feel tall with these on…  They feel like blocks of wood strapped on my feet…  They are so heavy…  I feel so lethargic…  I can’t keep my balance…  They make my knees tired…  They are rubbing on my toes…  My feet are getting sore…  Why do people wear these things anyway???

Our first time wearing socks & shoes in a year.

Our first time wearing socks & shoes in a year.


Feeling a little wobbly with our footwear on.

Feeling a little wobbly with our footwear on.

Getting our walking legs going.

Getting our walking legs going.

The hour-long walk conversation was pretty much all about socks and shoes.  If you ever get a chance to break free from these things called socks and shoes for a year, let me know how you feel when you put them on again!

Back at the boat, we all tucked our tennis shoes into the depths where they had been hiding this last year and I suspect we will not go looking for them again until we hit cold weather and our toes are near freezing.

We freed our feet on the walk back to the boat.

Let them be free.

Fair winds ~ Christine

5 thoughts on “Socks & Shoes by Christine

  1. I got a pair of Zero Huaraches recently – “almost” barefoot. They are green but too bad – I wear them with everything and hate the idea of going back to shoes. Amazing that you wrote this article as I was just thinking of how I LOVE feeing the air on my feet and the texture of the ground I walk on – it also probably works muscles in your feet and legs that wearing shoes does not.

    • Teresa, I had to look up the Zero Huraches. They look very natural and people are giving them great reviews. I’m sure there are a number of sailors that use them as their land shoes. I’ll have to give them a try! Christine

  2. I’m packing for a week in California no way are socks going with me, in fact I have 2 pair on the boat, really old, ratty ones, but, clean really old ratty ones. Kitty misses the boys, she almost launched into the bay on Sunday when I took friends out for a sail. Gotta work on getting her lifejacket on her. Yeah, good luck with that

    • Bill, Stick those toes in the California sand. Although Kitty is an amiable cat, I don’t think she’ll go for the lifejacket. The boys miss her, as do Mark and me. Oh ya, we miss you too! We found a box turtle walking yesterday and hung out with it for a while. It was our pet for the afternoon. Have a good trip. Who’s the lucky one that gets to take care of Kitty while you are gone? Christine

  3. What a fun & funny experience. I’ll bet your all deciding how to just continue , aren’t you?

    Cpt’n Marko – Sent my iPhone

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