Whales & Dolphins in the Eleutheras by Logan

We have seen a lot of cool things when we have been sailing on this trip.  I’ve always been wanting to see a whale and when we were sailing, I saw some black dots in the distance.  I wondered what they were.  As we got closer, I noticed they were fins.  We sailed over to them.  One jumped and it was a pilot whale.  Here is a video.

I also have some facts on the whales.  Pilot whales feed on mostly squid and sometimes fish.  They give birth every 3-5 years.  They were named pilot whales because one whale pilots all the others in the group.  When pilot whales feed they take several breathes before diving and they are capable of diving to 600 meters but usually only dive 30-60 meters.  Usually their deeper dives are taken at night.  Pilot whales are still hunted but are threatened.

Here is another cool thing that happened to me.  There was this bottle nosed dolphin that came to play with us as we sailed.  He stayed by the side of our boat for 15 minutes and did flips.  He even chirped at us.  Then a whole family of dolphins came to us and did tricks.  Here is a video of the dolphins.

I hope we see some more things in our travels.


1 thought on “Whales & Dolphins in the Eleutheras by Logan

  1. Awesome! My Dad and I did some whale watching in Puerto Rico. The Humpback whales go there to give birth. We saw 3 Moms and 2 babies. It really is fun to watch them.

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