Let There Be Light! By Mark

We have just made an exciting new addition to our boat in the form of a salvaged solar panel.  After a little soldering and TLC we starting getting power out of the gently used 90 watt panel.  Two aluminum bars from a broken patio umbrella provided the mounting brackets plus some electrical wire from the local hardware and we have completed the best improvement made to the boat since leaving Florida.  Bimini

We have always had to watch our batteries closely so as not to draw them down too much before we ran the engine or generator to charge them back up.  The solar panel has since given us precious watts while we are at anchor so we can continue to run the refrigerator when we need store perishable foods from time to time. Solar 1

Your tools will be some of your best friends when you are cruising and mine are always close at hand.  Unfortunately, it is hard to watch them grow a layer of rust over themselves as they soak in the ever-present salt air.   BracketsSmooth Sailing,


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