Spear Fishing by Logan

This is my first fish I speared.  It is a Blue Stripped Grunt.  There are lots of them around so they are easy to catch because they are so tame.  In the background there is a few other people that we went spear fishing with too.  Usually we go to our friends boat and have a fish dinner with the catch of the day.  The next picture is of all the fish all of us caught in the dinghy.  I also caught the silver fish, they are another kind of grunt.

The spear I am using is not the kind where you pull the trigger.  You pull back a rubber band really tight and then you let it go to spear the fish.  It is called a Hawaiian Sling.  I think spear fishing is easier than regular fishing because the fish are so tame.  As soon as you catch a fish, you put it above the water because they will wiggle right off your spear and then you will have to get them again.  This also keeps the blood out of the water otherwise you may attract sharks.  If you do, you just give your fish to the shark and get in the dinghy and go.

The first fish I speared.

My first fish.

Our catch for the day.

Our catch for the day.

There is some locals around the islands that will go out spear fishing also.  They come back with mostly conch, lobster and 1 really big fish.  It is amazing how many they come back with.  The picture of me holding a lobster, the locals speared that one but I am going to spear my first lobster soon I think.  My dad also has speared some lobsters, not quite as big as this one but they are pretty big.

This is how you find lobsters.  You look for little black twigs in rocks under water and those are lobster antennas.  Also if you see a hole in the coral, go down and look in the holes and there will be lobster in there too sometimes.  They do not run away.  They will sit there until you actually touch them.






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