Hutia by Cole

When we were at the beach at Warderick Wells we saw the Hutia.  They look like guinea pigs with a rats tail.  The hutia are nocturnal and you can get a little close to them.

The hutias are vegetarians.  Usually rodents become aggressive when they are living in crowded conditions.  Bahama hutias can live close together without getting aggressive.

Bahama Hutia

Bahama Hutia

People used to think they were extinct but really they were alive. They are the only land mammals native to The Bahamas.  Hutias are an endangered species and the reason they are endangered is because the Indians that used to live here ate them.


Their scientific name is Geocaptomys ingrahami.



4 thoughts on “Hutia by Cole

  1. Great story Cole! I reverted to Wikapedia to learn more about Hutia and to learn how to pronounce it. I had it all wrong until I found the guide. The temperature here was 0.0 when I got up this morning. What was it when you got up? Hi to you Dad and Mom. Phil

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