Exuma Iguanas by Cole

The Exuma Iguanas are among the world’s most endangered lizards and are found nowhere else.  They live on two islands in the Exumas.  We went to the beach on Allen’s Cay and saw the iguanas.  When we pulled up in our dinghy, a bunch of iguanas ran out of the trees towards us.

Iguanas on Allen's Cay.

Iguanas on Allen’s Cay.

The iguanas look like dinosaurs and can live to be 80 years old.  They can weigh up to 24 pounds.Iguana2


Here is a picture of me on the beach with the iguanas.

Cole with the iguanas.

Cole with the iguanas.

Exuma Iguana.

Exuma Iguana.

IguanaThey can lay up to 10 eggs in the sand and hatchlings emerge from the nest after 80 days.


4 thoughts on “Exuma Iguanas by Cole

  1. Those were the coolest lizards I’ve ever seen! Did you get bit by one? If so, did it hurt? Well, good talking to you!!!!

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