Overnight Passage to Nassau by Christine

We left Bimini at 2pm yesterday and arrived in Nassau at 10:30am today.  It was our first overnight passage and all went well.  A couple other boats were headed the same direction so we buddy boated with them.  It was nice to have other boats to talk to in the middle of the night.  They kept on going past Nassau this morning, headed straight through for the Exumas so we said ‘later’ to them (as we will more than likely see them in the Exuma’s in the next month).  We fueled up and anchored in Nassau Harbor.  We snorkeled off Truansea, to be greeted by Spotted Eagle Rays, a few other fish we have not identified yet and Mark met a barracuda while removing some fishing line off our prop!

I will send pictures another day when we have a better connection!

Fair Winds ~ Christine

4 thoughts on “Overnight Passage to Nassau by Christine

  1. I enjoy following you on Google Earth, tracking miles etc. Were you under sail or stink potting it on this route? Perhaps I’ll bake some bread on the Omini or however it’s spelled

  2. All of your posts are like a shot of Caribbean sunshine. They brighten up a cold rainy Lummi Island day considerably. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY

  3. I don’t reply often but wanted to let all of you know how much the whole family have enjoyed your posts! You’ve shown us so much we never thought of and at times made it hard to wake up a go to work 😀. We wish you the very best and a Merry Christmas!!!

    The Copple’s

    • Steve and family,

      Thanks for watching our progress. We are now in Nassau and I was reading your email early the other morning when I realized we had run aground! One really gets to apply everything you have learned over the years out here, it is an exciting challenge to be sure. We will keep the posts coming.


      PS Where do you take your boat when it gets sick? To the dock.

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