Solar Fan Vents: posted by Cole

There are 4 solar vent fans in our boat but only one of them works.

Vent fan photo from inside the boat.

These vents supply a constant flow of air to keep the boat’s interior dry.

Solar vent fan photo from deck of boat.

We took the one apart that works, removed the battery and put it in one that didn’t work to see if they needed new batteries.

Cole taking the solar vent apart.

It started running so we took the NiMH C-Cell to Batteries Plus to get new ones. The new batteries were $5.00 each and we needed 3 of them.  We found the battery in a catalog but they cost $27.99 each.  We saved $68.99.

New battery.

Old battery.

Tonight we have running vent fans!


4 thoughts on “Solar Fan Vents: posted by Cole

  1. Great work figuring out about the need for batteries and the practical math lesson.Brandon & I also loved your reptile post. You are all having a big adventure. Larry said to tell your dad that he hates plumbing at home and didn’t think he’d like it any better on a boat.

  2. Well said Cole!!! I always favor saving money and I’m sure four running fans are better than one. Say hello to your mom and dad for me. There is snow at Bogus Basin. I don’t mind it as long as it stays above 4,000 feet. I’m into horseback riding not skiing. I would like to go sailing with you sometime, but likely I’ll not go clear to the Caribbean to do so. Perhaps when you return to Idaho.

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