Gold bars, fast cars… posted by Cole

On the way to Playboy Marina we went to Robo Vault.  It’s a place where they store valuable things.  We saw a Reventon Lamborghini there.  It was 1 of 20 in the world.  It could go 221 miles per hour and was made of carbon fiber.

The storage unit was class V hurricane proof.  They store valuable metals, gems, wine, antiques, fine furnishings, currency, important documents and artwork.  Matt from RoboVault showed us around inside the building.  To get into the secure storage area he had to put his thumb on a biometric thumb pad to open the door.  You can check out their website

We went to a marina where our boat was getting thru hulls and hoses replaced.  They put our boat back in the water, then we went to anchor in Lake Sylvia for the night.

One of the water hoses from the engine to the water heater that was almost worn through.

Our boat hauled out in slings at the boat yard.


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